Who We Are

Who We Are?

OS TRIO group is a regional Enterprise Software Developer; Enterprise-Wide Solution Provider and Shared Services Outsourcing Player whose sole focus is to provide leading solutions to local and overseas clients. Our main priority is to well-comprehend and act in response to the clients’ business needs. We combine business vision with the latest IT expertise and industrial experience to produce far-sighted and dynamic technical innovation for our clients.

What We Do?

We offer Enterprise Business Solutions for clients who are looking into these aspects: 

  • Better Inventory Management with controlled stock levels and reduced stock outs incidents 
  • Improved client service with reliable delivery and consistent quality 
  • More accurate costing and secure pricing 
  • Improved productivity and better utilization of internal and external resources 
  • Better and speedier response to business process change 
  • Visibility for management to scrutinize the overall business condition 
  • Achieves cost efficiencies in a short payback period
Why Choose Us?

We believe in developing strong relationships with our clients and business partners based on mutual growth, respect and trust. With strong clientele-based in various industries in Malaysia and Overseas, we are 100% committed in fulfilling client’s satisfaction. Both our standard and turnkey business solutions are designed for flexibility, ease of implementation, adaptability, portability and most crucial, scalability to support our clients’ strategic business requirements. Each of our products has on-going maintenance by extensive research and development to create and provide comprehensive and leading edge software solutions to our clients.