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Helpdesk Support

The goal of the OS TRIO Helpdesk support team is to answer your questions and address your issues as rapidly, completely and professionally as possible. To achieve this goal, we’ve staffed our support organization with the best software support people we can find. We do everything we can to provide them with the best tools and training available, so that they can continue to meet and exceed our high expectations for customer service.

Our support team is dedicated to ensuring you have a dependable resource at all times to get the information and tools you need to effectively run your business.

Our company’s commitment to superior customer service is ingrained in our culture and is second to none. The strength and longevity of our relationships with our customers are a testament to our support team going the extra mile time and time again for our customers.

Our Support Desk is manned from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm Monday through Fridays. There are many methods to get help from our Support Desk. You can:

Submit your Case Online

When you use this method, your support case is immediately added to our call dashboard where we can assess your needs and assign to the dedicated support analyst for your case.

Call Support Phone Number

Of course you can always call our Support Line to have your Support request logged.


Additionally feel free to email us any Support issue you might be having. We are here to help you!

Video Conference
Microsoft Teams and Zoom

We can always have instant web/video meeting with our client to avoid delay in meeting arrangement anywhere and anytime.

Remote Support

We can always provide efficient IT support by connecting to secure remote devices anywhere and anytime.