Project Services

1. Overview

OS TRIO provides services to help its clients to adapt Enterprise Business Solutions with ease and effectiveness. The methodology used are based on industrial best practices and covers all aspect of project management, business process consultancy, implementation, training and infrastructure setup from initial assessment to final delivery.

2. Project Management

A successful implementation of Enterprise Business Solutions requires effective project management and coordination. Our team of project managers is well verse with many aspects in managing the projects?implementation as well as setting deliverables and expectations. Our project managers will work closely with your key users to ensure project timeline and objectives are met on top of promoting a spirit of cooperation and goodwill among consultants and users.

3. Business Process Consultancy

At OS TRIO, we have a team of talented and experienced consultants to help the client in identifying and quantifying the business requirements and to streamline the business process based on the best industrial practices. With the unique combination in business and IT experience, our consultants will provide the guidance to drive the implementation through the design stage to an extensive solution.

4. Project Implementation

Understanding that every business is unique and we will work with you to create an implementation plan that will work best for you. Project Implementation covers all aspects of hardware and application implementation to achieve the final objective. We will help you in adopting the applications that will help you to become more efficient, informed and profitable in addition to determine the proper system hardware sizing for the applications you have chosen. We will assist in planning, hardware and software installation, system setup, data conversion, data migration, and upgrading software and hardware.

5. Training and Education

The strength and knowledge of the users will ultimately determine the effectives of the solution provided. At OS TRIO, we will help you to educate your users by designing an extensive training process in order for the users to get more skilled from each training sessions. We also understand that knowledge transfer is an integral element of a successful implementation. Our goal is to maximize the conveyance of system know-how in the shortest possible timeframe and to achieve full benefit of the implementation.

Turn-Key Business Solutions

1. Overview

In today’s dynamic market environment, there exists a need for proprietary or turn-key solutions to address specific business or operation needs. At OS TRIO, we have the resources and skills to provide a complete turn-key solutions specific to your needs. We have a dynamic and creative development team capable of developing software package and also supplementing your current enhancement.

2. Solutions

At OS TRIO, we can help you with new or ongoing projects, including gap or requirement analysis, system design, programming, testing, implementation and training. In addition, as a guarantee of our commitment, all turn-key business solutions share the same level of support and maintenance as our standard solutions.

Our range of turn-key business solutions and services includes but not limited to:

  • Application Re-Engineering 
  • Application Development 
  • Systems Integration 
  • Database Design 
  • System Administration 
  • System Development 
  • Web Solutions 
  • Wireless/Mobile Programming 
  • Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure System 
  • Smart Factory (IoT) Implementation and Support Services
  • SAP Application Implementation and Support Services