IT Process Outsourcing

Today, it is a truism that every company should concentrate on its core business. This means that it is necessary to outsource certain tasks. This can include the operation and support of the ERM 2 system for small and medium-sized commercial and production enterprises. For this reason, it can be worth considering placing these activities in the hands of an IT service provider/ ERM 2 partner. OS TRIO not only has the infrastructure to deal with these activities, but also the organization with the required know-how.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Refers to transfer of the business processes of non value-added functions such as the Accounting, Human Resources to an outside service provider, so that the organization can focus on their core competencies and strategic activities that are critical to a company’s success in today’s marketplace.

OS TRIO has a dedicated Technology Support Centre (TSC) with excellent infrastructure complemented by an In-house training facility to cater to your Process Outsourcing requirements. We at OS TRIO have dedicated technology skills and expertise adequately supported by functional and audit teams. 

Our Core offerings include:
  • Finance Management 
  • Payroll Processing
  • Human Resource Management
Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

Cost Reduction
Availability of IT savvy and functional personnel at much lower costs compared to developed Nations thereby resulting in reduced current operating costs and also elimination of continued investment in non-core functions.


Well-driven processes are crucial in establishing quality standards and assurance. At OS TRIO, quality is one of the key factors for success and emphasis is laid on every performing entity to establish these benchmarks. This would go a long way in developing internal competencies and enhancing the levels of customer satisfaction.


OS TRIO's processes and training methods are designed to strive toward 100% accuracy. Proper utilization of analytical reports, controls, key verifications and statistical quality controls guarantee reliability, accuracy and integrity for the customer-related data.

Process Improvement

OS TRIO realizes that business process outsourcing is an ongoing process that sustains itself through structured communications and delivery made on committed timelines. On-going improvements in the processes that evolve through constant dialog between OS TRIO and its clients are the basis for increased productivity and greater value to the customer.

Security of documents

OS TRIO ensures that lost documents will not be a reason for complaint from the customer. An internal “Batch Control” surveillance system and in-built internal check & controls supported by a System of Archiving all documents will help eliminate any occurrence of lost documents.

Back-up and Infrastructure 

OS TRIO has back-up facilities both onshore as well as off shore . We ensure that our back up facilities is secure from both a personnel and infrastructure perspective. We place a great emphasis on security at our offshore centers.

Other Benefits
  • Location and time zone advantages
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Smart new way of doing business
  • Economies of scale
  • Accurate and timely information
  • Professional and responsive communication 
  • Round the clock support

OS TRIO brings together the resources to support and respond to the needs of our customers - From the moment they contact us until the issue is resolved. Our clients can rely on our team of experts to deliver.