Pulp and Paper manufacturer embarks on Industry 4.0 with OS Trio

13 Mar 2019

A leading integrated, resource-based industrial groups in Asia Pacific, with businesses in paper, palm oil, construction and energy will deployed OS Trio ERM2 financial and distribution modules for a pulp and paper manufacturing at its main facility in Pahang. The implementation was to replace the legacy system used by the manufacturer with a fully web-based system.

The manufacturer is now looking at integrating Industry 4.0 into their processes as a means to increase operational excellence by increasing information flow. One of the immediate results will be the reduction of duplicate data handling by different departments within the organization.

Towards this end, OS Trio will be working with the manufacturer and its appointed MES vendor to develop an integration model to be seamlessly bridge both systems. OS Trio will leverage on its vast integration experience in the pulp and paper vertical to deploy a robust integration process.