OS Trio wins ERP implementation contract from leading provider in cleanroom PPE products

13 Oct 2022

OS Trio ERM2 solution has been selected by a leading provider in cleanroom PPE products for deployment at its facilities in Selangor. The client have more than 30 years of experience in medical device and cleanroom gloves manufacturing industry. OS Trio ERM2 will help the customer manage their cleanroom protection glove manufacturing processes from procurement, sales and manufacturing.

The nature of the customer’s business requires accurate reporting on both inventory and cost. The built in integration between the financial, distribution and manufacturing functions within OS Trio ERM2 is able to provide customer with accurate real time inventory and cost movement. The system will also help the customer to transition from manual documents preparation to system generated documents especially documents related to customs and shipping.

Besides the ERM2 solution deployment, OS Trio will also be assisting customer for adoption of Business Intelligence and Smart Factory 4.0 in subsequent project phases.