OS Trio to Deliver WMS Business Logistic Suite (BLS) for Largest Motorcycle Distributor and Assembler

29 Jun 2020

The world is currently going through the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in just a few months. Considering the need for lockdown measures, most countries, including Malaysia, have implemented ‘Movement Control Orders’ (MCOs) as a prevention step to reduce the deadly spread of this disease.

Despite the Movement Control Orders (MCOs), our team’s dedication and hard work is paid off and has been awarded a warehouse management system (WMS) contract by one of the largest motorcycle distributors and assemblers in Penang, Malaysia.

The client, a sole distributor and assemblers of premium motorcycle brands in Malaysia like Benelli, Keeway, SYM, Brixton and Niu motorcycles and owns another two home brands of SM Sport and Wmoto will be using OS Trio’s WMS solution to manage its nationwide spare parts and motorcycle warehouses.

OS Trio will be implementing the WMS module which is part of OS Trio Business Logistic Suite, a comprehensive supply chain, logistic and warehouse management solution for this client. The comprehensive WMS module come with both basic as well as advanced features that are necessary to accommodate the clients’ business from managing their complex warehouse operations to backend ERP integration and reporting.