OS Trio Retail Management Suite for Premium Supermart

10 Jul 2019

OS Trio has been engaged to roll out a complete POS and Backend solution for a premium supermart. The client offer affordable and quality-assured goods with premium shopping experience at ultimate convenience and optimum quality standard. The client’s outlets are designed based on the concept of combining groceries and F&B at the same time.

For this project, OS Trio will be deploying its Warehouse Management System for outlets and distribution centre for warehouse management, ERP Financial Backend with integration to POS front end for operation management and Human Resource Management system for employee management. The client investment in total full suite retail management system is to cater for their expansion business plan to roll out > 200 retail chain nation-wide. 

With businesses increasingly adopting digitization, cloud computing and mobility, the reliability on durable and effective infrastructure management services has also raised significantly. OS Trio will leverage the latest technologies and strategies to help client to manage their IT infrastructure effectively and ensure high performance. Our well-defined methodologies will help client to closely align IT and business objectives, optimize costs, and deliver measurable business value through IT.