OS Trio bags ERP deal from Main Board Listed Company

26 Apr 2023

Malaysia's top one-stop provider of PVF, plumbing materials, iron and steel products, and building/construction materials has partnered with OS Trio as its ERP provider to implement the Enterprise Resource Management 2 (ERM2) solution. OS Trio will deploy Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Management solutions to support the customer's diverse business operations, which include integrated manufacturing, trading, wholesale, and distribution activities.

The implementation of OS Trio ERM2 will be carried out in phases, with the final goal of deploying the solution to the entire group of companies. As OS Trio ERM2 is set to replace the customer's legacy ERP system, OS Trio will provide assistance in the smooth migration and transition to the new system. This will involve careful planning and execution to ensure a seamless and efficient transfer of data and processes from the old system to the new one.

In addition to implementing ERM2, OS Trio will provide data center hosting facilities and disaster recovery services to ensure that the ERM2 data is securely stored and always available for hundreds concurrent user access. With advanced security protocols, high-speed connectivity, and continuous monitoring, OS Trio's data center hosting facilities and disaster recovery services will ensure maximum uptime and minimal disruptions for the customer's business operations.