Fashion Retail Corporation implements OS Trio Business Solutions

03 Jul 2023

A prominent Malaysian-based company specializing in fashionable headscarves and hijabs has partnered with OS Trio for their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Point of Sales (POS), and Customer Loyalty systems (CRM). This collaboration combines the company’s passion for fashion with OS Trio’s expertise in technology, enhancing their operations and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Known for their trendy headscarves and hijab designs, versatile styles, and vibrant colors, the company has become a go-to destination for individuals seeking stylish and modest fashion choices. Their commitment to quality has earned them a loyal customer base.

OS Trio will deploy the ERP Backend system, integrating financial, distribution, central store and planning module to provide end-to-end business visibility, streamlining processes, improving inventory control, and enhancing sales performance tracking. The Point of Sales and Customer Loyalty systems seamlessly integrate with the ERP Backend, ensuring smooth data flow and engaging customer experiences.

In addition to the business solutions, OS Trio will be providing the cloud infrastructure to host the suite of solutions. This offers scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security, enabling the company to focus on their core business.