Enhances HR Operations with OS Trio's Employee Self Service Modules

16 Oct 2023

Continuing their longstanding collaboration with OS Trio, the client, primarily involved in the manufacturing of crystal units/ resonators, oscillator, real time clock module, filter sensor and optical device, has augmented their HR solutions by incorporating Employee Self Service (ESS) modules into their existing system. Having utilized OS Trio's HRMS solution since 2016 the client’s recent engagement aims to further streamline and enrich their HR operations.

The new ESS modules, encompassing e-Admin, e-Staff, e-Leave, e-Attendance, and e-Overtime provide employees with streamlined, user-friendly tools to manage administrative tasks, leaves, attendance records, and overtime submissions efficiently.

The deployment of ESS brings a myriad of benefits to both employees and the company. For employees, it offers a convenient and accessible platform to manage their HR-related tasks with ease. From requesting leaves to tracking attendance and submitting overtime, the ESS modules empower employees with self-reliance and quick access to pertinent HR functions. Simultaneously, the company, this implementation translates to streamlined HR processes, reduced administrative workload, enhanced accuracy in attendance tracking, and improved compliance with HR policies. The ESS deployment ensures a more efficient and transparent workflow, fostering a productive work environment and reinforcing the client’s commitment to employee satisfaction and operational excellence.