Singapore fine dining and food chain stores

05 Oct 2012

OS Trio Pte Ltd secures the project to deploy its POS Backend Solution for a leading F&B Group of companies in Singapore. The group comprises companies and individuals that are focused on creating innovative F&B venues across Singapore and the region. Founded in 2005, the group’s capabilities span the fields of F&B operation, marketing and strategic consultancy. The group’s projects have garnered extensive local and international media coverage as well as various accolades and awards.

The new system will replaces their legacy Financial and Distribution systems in addition to providing central kitchen and food recipe functions to manage the food preparation process from raw ingredients costing, procurement and kitchen processing.

OS Trio POS Backend is the first web based full fledge ERP and MRP solution catering specifically to the F&B and retail industrial. Real-time integration to POS terminals enabled data flow from outlets to HQ for real-time reporting and decision-making.