OS Trio is GST Certified Software by The Royal Malaysian Custom Department

07 Aug 2014

OS Trio solution has been tested and certified by The Royal Malaysian Custom Department to be in compliance with Malaysia’s GST requirements. OS Trio’s GST Certification is approved under the Advanced Category and can be used to process GST on Mixed (Taxable and Exempted) Supplies with functions to calculate of Input Tax Recoverable Ratio (IRR) and Annual Adjustments.

The difference between Advance vs Basic GST Software Vendors:

Functions / Attributes Basic Advance
Setting up Tax Code
Purchase Transaction for Taxable supplies
Sales Transaction with standard tax codes
Filing for Purchase Transactions (Full Tax Claimable)
Filing for Sales Transactions (Full Tax Claimable)
Generation of GST-03 (Without TX-RE)
Generation of GST Audit File (GAF)
Essential for Partially Exempt Traders:
Purchase transaction for Mixed (Taxable and Exempted) Supplies  
Sales Transaction for Exempted Supplies  
Tax Report for Input Tax Recoverable Ratio (IRR)  
Filing for Purchase Transactions (Mix Tax Claimable)  
Annual Adjustment function  
Generation of GST-03 (Complete with TX-RE tax code)  

With this certification, SME companies who are registered for GST will be able to claim for financial assistance from Malaysian Government for the purchase and upgrade of OS Trio solution under the SME Financing Scheme.