OS TRIO ERP Backend ERP and Mobility solution for pre-school education group

19 Jul 2017

OS Trio has been successful in penetrating the education sector with its latest ERP and mobility solution implementation for a group of companies involved in early childhood education. The customer, based on Selangor in involved in developing holistic, fun-filled programs that are highly effective in stimulating a healthy sense of curiosity, a passion for learning and instilling moral values to young learners aged up to 6 years old.

OS Trio will deploy its Backend ERP solution in the customers HQ which will also be linked via mobile solution to all its 200 centers nationwide. OS Trio will also be working with the customer for overseas rollout to their centers in Philippines, Bangladesh, Singapore and China.

OS Trio will be working as an IT partner with customer in identifying and implementing solutions that can help customer in achieving their long term IT plan.