Herbal products manufacturer leverage on I.T with OS Trio ERM 2

20 Mar 2014

A local manufacturer of Chinese medicinal healthcare products has selected OS Trio as its partner for IT enablement.

The company, which started out as a small family operated business in 1948, has since become a renowned household brand with business operations in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, China, Middle East and Vietnam. In line with its business expansion, the top management has come to rely on IT enablement as the means for better management and visibility.

With diligent effort of its management, the company has received HALAL certificates, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), HACCP and Veterinary Health Mark (VHM), just to name a few.

OS Trio ERM 2 will replace the existing legacy system and will be implemented in phases starting with Financial and Distribution processes and then moving on in later stage to Manufacturing processes.